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Every cup of coffee tells a story…

Speciality Coffee

Every cup of coffee tells a story…

And this one starts in Yunnan.


Nestled within the mountains of Southern China, Yunnan is a luscious green paradise that produces some of the world’s most unique, deliciously intriguing coffee beans.

Such a mysterious, breathtakingly beautiful destination of course produces some of the richest, most complex coffee that Mother Nature has to offer. 

Coffee Farmer

The art of coffee roasting requires care and expertise to produce a perfect cup.  One single bean can produce a myriad flavour notes, yet it is the Roaster’s duty to ensure balance within the cup.

Chinese Temple

Indulge in the treasures of The Kingdom of Plants

With such a rich, complex cultural history and a profound natural diversity, Yunnan’s coffee beans embody the mystique emanating from its place of origin.

Speciality Coffee

Roasted with passion, fuelled by perfection.

The circles and squares in the logo reflect the Chinese ideology that nothing can be truly perfect, such as a circle or a square, without a human hand to guide it. 

Therefore, I am dedicating my time and care into crafting a truly perfect representation of Yunnan’s finest coffee beans. 



Rainforest Path


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