Welcome to The Kingdom of Plants

Yunnan (云南) is a richly diverse panoply of colour and wonder in the South of China. A veritable Garden of Eden, Yunnan accounts for over half of the total number of plant species in the whole of China.

With a superb balance of warm sun and copious rainfall, Yunnan’s conditions allow for a vivid spectrum of flora, fauna and humanity to coexist.

Yunnan is famous throughout the world for its blankets of terraced rice paddies, vast mountain ranges and numerous natural and cultural wonders. 

The province bestows upon the inhabitants a perfect garden in which to cultivate a plethora of exotic fruits, secret botanicals and natural resources of both medical and spiritual value. 

Known as “The Kingdom of Plants”,  Yunnan is regarded with an air of ancient mysticism. 

Capturing each and every one of the Earth’s natural expressions, Yunnan represents the colourful depths of Earth’s experimental creativity; a canvas of natural expression and beauty. 

Rolling hills bejewelled with emerald canopies entwine with unique, rocky deserts whilst titanic, snow-capped mountains gaze over the terrain. 

Beyond Yunnan’s natural opulence lies a deep cultural history, stretching far beyond the reach of time.

A kaleidoscope of cultural diversity, Yunnan is the unique home to 15 of China’s 25 known national ethnic minority groups, including the Bai (白族), Dai (傣族) and Dulong (独龙族) people. 

The province’s exotic existence has culminated in a myriad of colour, flavour and intriguing expressions of humanity that remain a mystery to this day. 




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