To me, Yunnan represents hope and promise.

The hope is that we will move towards a sustainable and clean relationship with the Earth. 

The promise is that, when we do, our eyes will be opened to the myriad beauty of the natural world.  

Before anything else, I value the principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility. The beauty and wonder of the Earth is our most valuable resource, and it is our responsibility to work towards a system that benefits everyone, from the farmers, to my customers and, most importantly, the Earth itself. 

It’s hard to ignore the negative environmental impact for which the coffee industry is responsible. The words “Not Yet Recyclable” are all too prevalent amongst packaging, and, although some progress is taking place, I believe that the coffee industry has the potential to lead the way in terms of sustainable living.

Recognising the destruction and damage that’s already been caused by an imbalanced relationship with the Earth’s resources, we are journeying upon a new path of environmental sustainability, respect and responsibility. The demand for more environmental action is increasing year on year, and Imperial Jade will be leading by example.

Unfortunately, environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional methods aren’t always the most affordable, and it can be difficult for small businesses to start off completely carbon-neutral and 100% environmentally sustainable. This is my pledge to use the most environmentally friendly options within budget. I hope for Imperial Jade to be amongst the forefront of ethical brands leading the charge into a future of sustainability, but, in order to be into such a position, I have to allocate costs in order to stay afloat. As Imperial Jade grows, so too will my initiatives towards a cleaner, sustainable future. 

Alongside environmental measures, positive relationships with the farmers of Yunnan is one of the primary driving forces behind Imperial Jade. 

True quality is borne out of equilibrium, therefore it is essential for me to work with the farmers and contribute towards their huge efforts, establishing greater initiatives within Yunnan’s farming community as the business grows.




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