Roasted Yunnan Coffee

Your Journey Starts Here

This coffee is the result of a lot of trial, error, research and, most importantly, patience! It was my aim to create a coffee that was familiar to the palate whilst also demonstrating the unique potential of Yunnan coffee.

Personally, I prefer the darker notes in a cup, but coffee is very much an individual preference! Imperial Jade coffee takes the tastebuds on a journey, from the known all the way to the unique. 

There are two samples to choose from: Medium and Dark. Each roast boasts different notes from chocolate-hazelnut and bright cherry in the medium cup, and rich, smoky-blackcurrant with velevet cocoa notes in the dark cup.

It’s been a long journey so far, with a lot of costs along the way! I don’t want to charge people for these samples, genuine feedback is most important for me right now! 

Although, that being said, should anyone want to show their support and help me to cover the costs of these samples, I have included the option to donate £3.50 towards the cause.

Dark Roast
Imperial Jade Dark Roast
Medium Roast
Imperial Jade Medium Roast

Whilst a donation would mean a lot to me just in terms of encouragement, there is absolutely no pressure. However, as a little incentive to donate I shall be sending out both samples to those who do decide to help the cause! To sign up to try a sample of Imperial Jade coffee, please fill in the form below. 




Your sample will be on its way to you shortly!