Exotic and unique; enticing and complex…

With an average altitude of 1300 metres above sea level, Yunnan has the ideal climate to produce a huge variety of complex and flavoursome high quality arabica coffee. 

Historically renowned as the origin of the finest green and white teas, Yunnan is home to some of the most versatile farmers in the Eastern world. 

Yunnan Farmers are adept at many different methods of farming, and are always searching for new and exotic crops to grow.

Under the guidance of international coffee experts, farmers have embraced the techniques and skills necessary to produce some of the world’s richest, most unique speciality grade coffee.

Imperal Jade Coffee is sourced from ZhiXiang Estate, a family-owned smallholding in Baoshan. 

ZhiXiang Estate (枝相 庄园) maintain extremely high standards of processing and production quality, recognising the value in ensuring every step in the process is taken with care and perfection.  

The farmers of ZhiXiang Estate have recently been experimenting with a new method of coffee processing called anaerobic (oxygen-free) fermentation. This careful process unlocks an entirely different spectrum of rare and exotic flavours from within the bean. 




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